hi everyone, great forum you got here. not sure if ive posted this in the right section, but please help me out if you can.

on my other desktop pc, i have got a 200gb hard drive, its about 180 gb full of my own music recordings that i have produced,

i just had it on earlier, running my decks into it, recording some music when i smelt burning... i thought it was my dinner that i had sitting on the table behind me, then the PC just shut down, and it was apparent something had burnt inside.

not, the prob is, all that stuff is saved on my C drive... does anyone know what is LIKELY to have happened? it just shut down totally, now when i turn it on, it sounds like its working, the fan is on etc.. but nothing comes up, it doesnt boot etc.. no beep noises for it checking for the CD rom, or nothing. i cant eject the cd roms, its as if "the lights are on but nobodys home"

im really just needing to know if its burnt up my C drive,, nd if ive lost all of that hard work.

devastating :(

please someone let me know, just so i have an idea of what to expect to hear tommorow from my PC shop

thankyou very much


well if your hard drive is tost, it would give an error like no primary hard drive found or no os found. I'm willing to bet that something else went toast, whether it is your processor or something on your motherboard. Pull off the heatsink off of your processor and see if you see any visible damage on the processor and inspect your motherboard for any signs of damage too. Let us know what you find.

Yeah, while I've heard plenty of tales of hard drives crapping out(dealt with two this week at work), I've never heard of one shorting out or giving off a burnt odor.

Most likely it was either your power supply, which is rather unlikely if the machine still powers on, or something on your motherboard. Your hard drive very well could have survived. You might want to try pulling it out and throwing it in another machine and backing up whatever data you have on it.

Good luck.