Hi i am Nick.
I am searching good ppc programs with good cpc rates which can pay out internationally by wire transfer.
Tell me if you know such.

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Google AdWords / AdSense? Yahoo Publisher Network?

i guess YPN has not yet spread in asia google is the best it but its says you should earn more than $10,000 every months to get paid by wire ,but still you can't get paid by wire if your amt. exceeds more than $10,000 ,i guess you should some members of adsense to get paid by wire see datails in adsense programs paypopup pays by wire but its CPM based .adultsingles pay through wire,clickarea pays through wire but i haven't check it

AdSence is very good, but only for "white" sites. You should have at least one to start.

I am Anil, I want earn frm My Website

Miva and Ask are another option or Clicksor

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