I've been just working at this new enhancement for my company for these few months. I feel like my design is actually good in fact one of the best I've written. But don't be mistaken, it probably isn't the best there could be, I just tried to do my best to create some sort of design which fits nicely and works well with our current system. Anyways, I've been doing medidation lately, it feels really good. I need to do it more often though, I only do it like 2-3 times a week. So what's up with my community? Anything new going on or something you would like to get off your chest? I'm interested so please do tell...

regards, Mr.Nutty

11 ? 2 cases. either i am in future or you are in past. :-O so what's the case here ? wow... Time machine..

I feel like my design is actually good in fact one of the best I've written

I refer you to not invented here. I suffer from this particular malady.

@nit: Yea in USA its 12/11/2012 right now
@Rev: haha yes, of course the code will be considered obselete in style and practice given enough time passing.

Meditatoin. That's nice. You're practicing zen?

that's mean i am in future according to you. (just joking ) :-)

well ....
I'm going back in time now....
you'll know if I've succeeded if Tuesday comes after Monday, and Romney didn't win the elections.
wish me luck ;)

@gon: No its just a way to clear my mind and free myself from all the thoughts that goes on my head.
@nitin1: Quick tell me the winning lotto number so I wan win millions muahahah
@stult: See you in the past then