Hello guys. I am a starter in Java Programming. And I wanted to understand and manipulate it effectively from now on. I also want to start developing applications in iPad or iPhone but I am a Windows user, and I guess I need a Mac in able to do that.

Can anyone give me some points about Java? Why isit that in our school, we are using a DOS mode in Java while everything that saw in the internet introduces Java as OOP? and they're not in DOS mode either... I'm confuse.

How can I install xCode in my Windows?

Thanks. Hope to hear from you guys :)

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You'll need a Mac or Hackintosh (OSX86) at least for installing xCode and bulid native apps for iOS or Mac OS.
Console programming (badly you've written DOS mode) is not relative to OOP, OOP is a software development method. If you meant GUI programming so you can read Oracle manuals about Java programming and specially GUI programming.

I recommend the Oracle and Netbeans tutorials and start guides to you.

Have good code :)

Ok. You're asking about two completely different programming languages. A few things to know about them are if you master your java skills, then you can:
1-make computer apps and software that run on any platform like windows, Linux and Mac as long as you have the JRE(java run environment) installed.
2-make android apps.
3-learn java easily and smoothly by practising to code and reading to understand fundamental concepts Java is a lot more easier to understand compared with objective-c which you'd essentially use to develop iOS apps.
4- be able to understand other programming languages such as PHP as Java is an object-oriented language. I'm talking from experience.

Yes, you can run Mac OS on your windows. Download a virtual machine box and install whatever OS you want in there. My suggestion would be to look at other alternatives like using web technologies to develop cross-platform apps!
MoSync is pretty cool. its an sdk that lets you develop cross -platform apps.
it's worth looking at it!

Hmmmm, I don't know why your school uses command line to teach you Java. You should ask them! I think they want you to get familiar with command line and be able to run java classes in there.

Good luck!


Thanks for the advice. Right now, I already have a vmware in my pc,
trying to power on Mac OS there but it doesn't work so I tried a different option.
Instead of xCode, I'll use Eclipse to develop some android apps now.. :)

Thanks also for the link :) I'll use it as a reference in learning JAVA:)


Thanks for the reply.
Yeah, I actually give up the idea of xCode right now since I am windows user.
But I still want to develop apps, so I also took some advice from friends and search the net.
As of now, Eclipse was recommended to me, and also thanks for sharing Mosync
(It's my first time to hear about that) but I'll also take a look at it and see the difference.
Actually, we code Java using terapad, save it as .java and compile and run it in the command prompt. Really basic... we7re running classes there.
(I wonder, is this the same in OOP)

I don't have problem in PHP(i guess). I have an experience in HTML and Javascript too.
Also experienced programming in different DOS programming languages before.
But I'm outdated now so really digging hard to become updated again!

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