Hello all!

I'm new to responsive web design and I realize that it's fairly vital to desigining a good website today, what with today's ever changing screen sizes it's become vital to make sure my pages display well.

So my question to everyone is this; Are there any Tools, Web Services etc. that allow me to manage all of these different screen sizes (Phones, Tablets, Desktops) from one code base?

Also, through a few searches I came across people discussing jQuery but I'm not sure whether it would suit my needs, any opinions?

Many thanks!

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Twitter bootstrap is all you need.

fixed size elements do not work in any device except the one the page was laid out on
body:1000px looks ridiculous on my windescreen, even ridiculous on an iphone coz that tiny screen is 2700px wide
laid out in em or % ,,, scalar dimensions that auto adjust to window size, screen resolution and user preference the site can look very similar across a broad range of devices
together with the previously mentioned css media queries, to change css to the abilities of the display device
a redirect script to send those devices that cannot be handled this simply to a page tailored to their (lack of) ability, the google code mobile redirect script is simple and functional, and so far seems bug free

In principle all that you need to do is to create some smart CSS3 rules and make good use of media queries. In practice this is not always enough and you need to look into using frameworks that provide tools and controls to do the job right.

Such tools are still quite thin on the ground - in my view there is more hype than substance to RWD right now. One good place to start is by taking a look at the resources on the jQuery Mobile site - http://jquerymobile.com/resources/. A potential solution to your requirement - handling all devices seamlessly from one codebase might well be this - http://jresponse.com though it is still a beta offering.

Make no mistake though - tools and IDEs may help you but there is no substitute to having a good grasp of CSS3, a decent JS framework (= jQuery. do the others still really matter?), HTML5 and tons of googling.

You should try CSS media or bootstrap they both are useful to solve your quaries.

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