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Dani California - Red Hot Chili Peppers

Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye feat. Kimbra

I've also been on a big Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac kick lately.

Infected Mushrooms - Release Me

Thanks to some people in chat ;)

Fleetwood Mac, Without You, new EP version. (which I think is better than the old demo version)

no songs is last cause every time new songs i used to listen.Even though last is Dhoom3 title track...yeah!

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Nice one RJ - amazing sound. Never heard of them before. Will be listening to more. :)

The Abduction from the Seraglio

The flower of winter …

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No the singer hasn’t a great voice or the music isn’t too prototype or the lyrics. But that mix of sorrow, anger, sensitivity and hope is very close to what I feel that period.

Never heard of them before. Will be listening to more

December 2010 and 2011, one of the US networks ran an a capella competition called The Sing Off. You can watch episodes here. Pentatonix won in 2011. It wasn't on last year and I presume because of public pressure, they brought it back this year. There are some absolutely amazing groups out there. It's well worth watching the old episodes. Street Corner Symphony (2010) was one of my favourite groups.

Here is the season 2 finale show opening number done by several of the groups together. Nice version of a U2 song.

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Thanks RJ - the kids had heard of them and we spent about half an hour last night on YT listening to them. Brilliant. Have you seen the film Pitch Perfect? My daughter watches it back to back. A teenie film, but I really enjoyed it, well, the first 10 times.

I haven't seen Perfect Pitch but generally I don't care for all-girl ensembles. Nothing sexist, I just think the voice mix is too top heavy. While all-male groups can still fill the high tones, there are few female singers who can produce a good bass tone.

Radioactive - Imagine Dragons

Trouble - Taylor Swift

‘Auld Lang Syne’

Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, one of my favorates

Regenesis by Kinasis
Yes, my own band.... Sad, I know! But we have a gig in Bristol tomorrow night and I've been drumming along on my practice pads in preparation. And it was the last song I ran through.. So nah! Heh heh! :P

Here's the official lyric vid for the song: (Taken from our as yet unreleased debut album 'Divine Self-Invention')

Note: Although we're a metal band, the vid is safe for work. There's no swearing in the song or offensive content in the vid. But it's definitely loud and not exactly what you'd call music! Heh heh! XD

Orphaned Land - Let The Truce Be Known