Has anyone heard of or better yet have experience with these programs? I am starting a computer repair business, I live in MT and I have a big truck. A program like these could save me a ton in gas and mileage since my customers can be up to 100mi away. Not to mention not having to drive through blizzards for a simple spyware or virus problem. Any feedback on either these two or if you know of another access computers remotley program would be greatly appreciated. The program needs to be something that the client does not need to load onto their computer and is faily simple to use if I need them to do anything. Thanks.

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logmein. VNC is good, but it requires the customer to open ports, while logmein works through http.
if you are prepared to buy the tool, you should also consider webex - much more professional tool, all the big support companies use it

You can configure VNC to work through ports 80 or 8080 or even set up port forwarding.

I've used Rescue, its pretty nice and the only time I had an issue was when I was working with a customer who was very technologically challenged. I've since quit doing private work and am now back in a sys admin position, but I still use LogMeIn Free version for the remainder of my clients, this does require that you install it on their system and show them how to enable and disable the program (pretty easy, right click on sys tray icon)

Hope this helps!

UltraVNC is pretty good, especially since they release SingleClick. The downside is that its very fiddly for the end user to install, plus the session doesn't persist across restarts.

LogMeIn Rescue is a fantastic product that I couldn't be without, but it does come at a high price.

If you want to do remote support with LogMeIn but don't want to pay money for a licence you might want to try PCMagical.com

These guys combine LogMeIn rescue with PayPal so you can charge customers by the minute for doing remote support with LogMeIn Rescue.

Its worth using this to try out the software before purchasing your own LogMeIn Rescue licence.

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You may try using a R-HUB remote support server for all your remote support needs.

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