Hi everyone,

I wonder if anyone can help me?

I am developing a music website where users can download songs and I have noticed that other similar websites use folders called "Compressed Zipped Folders" which are unzipped automatically by Windows Vista etc.

What I want to know is how to format the folders as Compressed Zipped Folders so that my users can download these songs and play them without having to unzip them first?

Any advice will be gratefully received.


Later versions of Windows automatically recognize the default zip format as a compressed folder. So, zip it.

Hi Priaeas,

Thanks for your response.

I am using Windows Vista and when I downloaded a zipped folder I then had to use a unzip software to unzip the folder before I could listen to the songs.

I noticed on other webistes that before the folder is downloading that it is a "Compressed Zipped Folder". How can I make each folder full of songs a "Compressed Zipped Folder" before the users download them? So that they will automatically be unzipped by windows.

Many thanks.

Hi Pritaeas,

It is my coder who is having problems creating this. Is there a platform he should be using to successfully create these Compressed Zipped folders? So that when the user downloads the songs they are automatically unzipped?

Many thanks.

From what I've read, you can only create compressed zipped folders on NTFS.