So, i saw a show called Super humans (Stan Lee show featuring people with insane skills/"powers") and i was wondering to myself what is my super skills that seperate me from my peers.


  • 4 minute miles
  • Able to do Large Sums of Pullups, i can do weightlifting but i don't think that is as impressive as pull ups
  • A great shaped body
  • Fast Sprinter
  • Martial Arts
  • Basket Ball skills
  • etc.
  • I am 5'11 and a half... almost 6 feet tall! :)


  • Advanced Math Skills
  • Advanced Science
  • Ability to execute goals quickly, or atleast in time budget.
  • Straight A's and A+'s
  • Etc.

So what are the skills that you guys have that make you feel that you are great! The 2 categories you guys have are mental and physical.

If you guys find this thread demoralizing, please don't find it that way... Think of it as a thread to brag about your mental and physical skills (height counts).

My power is I can break anything without actually wanting to. How many pull-ups can you do ? I can only do 10 and I'm a climber so you'd think I'd be able to do more :(

ChrisHunter, it would vary for me. If i do them improperly and rapidly i can do about 76... If i do them perfectly, about 30-40. The trick for me was to stay away from weightlifting and stick to non weight programs.

I'm purely awesome.
True story.

that's cool

@Lucaci Andrew, aren't we all awesome in our own special ways???

aren't we all awesome in our own special ways???

true that

aren't we all awesome in our own special ways???

Well, depends...

My awesomeness is not constraint by any particular thing (/ "way"), but rather, it spreads all over my entire life. That's why i'm "purely awesome", and not simply "awesome". :)

No, it's not a U.S. record. It is a school record but not a nation record... In California, we had a runner recently get nearly 4 minutes flat... plus he goes to the same school district as me. But my 4 minute mile is a top rank in the state but unfortunately i am going to slowly and slowly lose it because i am going to get older and not go out as much... unless i do college sports... (maybe basketball or football)

@VernonDozier, the link shows a list that is a little bit out dated and doesn't show any of the fastest runners... most of the kids that should be on the list are in my school district (based on the numbers).

As of 2011, five high school athletes, count 'em five, have run verified four minute miles. See Sports Illustrated article link above, quoted below.

The 18-year-old recent graduate of Carl Sandburg High School in Orland Park, Ill., was already in rarefied air before he became just the fifth U.S. high school runner to ever break four minutes on Saturday.

Any high school student who can do a four minute mile is Olympics material. A high school FRESHman doing it, well let's just say your thread title is accurate: "Super Human".

After hearing that fact... that kind of dissapoints me because our district contains the most 4 minute mile runners and no one got featured on any of the links lol. I guess the state just locks up our timings and never shares them out... bummer for us.

You're a high school freshman and you can do a four minute mile? That should be a U.S. record for the 15 to 16 year old age group.

Oh, i forgot to point out... i am not 15 yet, next month i will be :D