HI this is Longtomjr, son of longtom, from satelite station Africa :)
I love python, blender, guitars and a good ol' comunity. Today it is nice and cool here (yes I saw you guys talking about wheather) only about 30 C, it ormaly gets about 45 C in this part of africa. Thanks for having me, This looks like an interesting place indeed. I will only be active on weekends because I am still in jail (by that I mean in School).

I am a Linux and open-source enthusiast and love a bit of gaming. Curently I am working on linux Mint Nadia (14) and my fav. Open source game is Speed Dreams (no I am not advertising just mentioning).

I am a fan of Litariture and reacently red "The Shape of Mery" by Susan Meisener. It is a great fictional book about the Salem Witch Trails and I would recomend it to anyone with a love for Litarature or History. (BTW I borrowed the book at my English Teacher.)

Then last but not least, I am abselotely in love with Music and reacently bought myself a Crafter DE18. My dad have a limeted Edition Gibson Les Paul clasic (the one from the 1980).

Just a last two words of wisdom. Never talk about Wheather, politics or music - then people will know you are making small talk, and big talk get more done. (You did it all wrong here, that is why I love it here already). And last with wise words from Hagar "There is three things you must never forget - never foreg a friend, never forget an enemy. and the last one uumh.... I forgot." :)...

Nice day to all the danywebbers...

Kind Regards

Welcome to Daniweb and hope you do good during your "jail" time :)

Welcome to Daniweb and hope you do good during your "jail" time :)

Thanks, I acctauly like the cells in a special way... A lot of literature and maths and IT too, I just hate bussnes studies and that stuff. Like science a lot especialy phisics and the build of a plant Cell XD. I will take electronic IT and Sience when I go to grade ten next year

I was wondeing if I say yes in the "are you a bot" thing the site will understand sarcasm, prolly not...


Your only a highschool freshmen? wow, I am too! Glad to meet someone who likes math, English, computers, and science like I do, except I like business studies too.

Yes only 14 about to turn 15.... Its cool to know there is someone here that appreciate stuf i do

Hello and welcome!