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I am both.

I am a nerd in school... because of straight A's, and I am an athlete so don't say i am an underweight weakling ;)

I am a geek at home... I like to practice my nooby programming skills.


Currently, I am in varsity track & field and am still also in basketball. I don't fully transition into track until next friday. But i also have a background in MMA, football, and soccer if you were wondering


Wow, it sounds like you do it all!!!
And in that case are very well rounded.


I am getting a hang of things. My days are normally stressful. Here is a general/non detailed list of my school day:

  • Wake up 4 AM
  • Go to school at 6 AM and Don't come home until 4:30 PM from Track & Field.
  • Then go to college from 5 - 9 PM.
  • Then finish homework and study for tests but since I am normally free of homework (4/5 times due to me -finishing in school) i practice programming. Also through out the day I trade.
  • Repeat Cycle

Aren't I a busy high school freshie?



I din't know how you do it!
And you're only a freshman???

If I did what you do when I was a freshman I would croak! x_x


Here is how i do it...

I plan everything out. I only have straight A's in all 7 classes because of me studying all the material during the summer, on weekends, or anytime before the teacher teaches. So that clears up much time for me. I have similar strategies with trading, programming, and athletics.

I am just hoping I make it into a top school maybe Harvard/stanford/MIT/Yale... or some other.

Just that one thing I wish i have is though is sleep... don't let my height trick you though, I am officially 6' ft. tall, weighing almost 200 (i am actually 192 right now, but close enough) lbs (i am not fat, i actually give off the look that i am skinny, but am very fit...as far as i see myself and thats what others tell me) but i could be taller if i ever slept for at least 8-10 hours a day.


Well, it sounds to me like you are a young man with great ambition and you know what you want, and I think that's great! I'm sure you'll be able to get into the school you want! Just don't burn yourself out either, you do need to put some extra time in for sleep, otherwise you might crash.
Just take care of your health and good luck getting into the school of your dreams, I know you can do it!


you do need to put some extra time in for sleep, otherwise you might crash.

Well... that is what saturday is for :)

BTW, it is 1 AM from where i am... so i am going to go sleep in about 15 minutes, i need to walk my dog, i never knew dogs that are fully grown weight about 7 lbs can get so cranky...

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I Geek out on things like gaming and films especially (manga/anime fan too). I used to on football (soccer for those not in UK) but I stopped playing when my eyesight got crap. I'm also a nerd when it comes to things I would like to learn. I work quite hard at those things.
To sum up, I'm both. Work hard, play hard.


waaaaaay to lazy to be either one of those two ;)

Hahaha :) So then what are you lol?

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he is neither
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