Got into office at 6.30am yesterday (hour later than usual) and was going back home by 8am. Ended up back in bed at 10am, woke again at 4pm. Back in bed at 8pm, slept through until 6am this morning. Wow! Really strange bug, high temperature and very weak (had to crawl up the stairs to bed FFS!) plus no appetite (one slice of toast all day) but feel fine today. Susie also had same thing yesterday, with the addition of vomiting throughout - so I think I got off lightly.

I am going to get over it by spending the morning in the office catching up on the work I coudln't do yesterday, then four hours in the chair this afternoon having both sides of my neck, and the bottom of the back of my head, tattooed this afternoon :)

Glad you're feeling better. It seems like it really was the only time in existance that I can recall a 24 hour bug truly being only one single day. Head and neck tattoos don't sound fun though, but who am I to say? :)

Head and neck tattoos don't sound fun though

Ewwwwww. Glad you are feeling better. Gonna post pics of the new tats?

had to crawl up the stairs to bed FFS!

lol, I remember having to crawl up the stairs to my hostel room once, but it was a different kind of intoxication... the self-induced kind.

Glad you're OK now.

Maybe not quite a 24 hour bug after all it seems. Felt much better yesterday, managed a couple of hours in the office and four hours at the tattooist, but things went downhill again yesterday night - now need to keep within running distance of a bathroom as it has gone straight to my stomach. Don't feel too poorly, certainly the really bad stuff was Tuesday, but having the runs all night (and I've only eaten a slice of dry toast, a banana and a dry baked potato in 48 hours) sure saps your energy.

Still, back in the office at the minute in a desperate attempt to stave off a work tsunami should I take another day off...

OK, here are the head/neck tattoos (immediately after inking, so a bit angry and inflamed - still, better than the swollen head I have this morning) - my take on 'time flies' done in a Trash Polka style.


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Sorry to hear about your illness, but I think I'd rather have that than the head tattoo! Looks as though it was painful. Christ, a kiddy's transfer on the head would freak me out. ;)

It was painful. Well, the first hour was OK but hours two and three started to bite a bit... :)