Which university would you recommend for computer science in the UK?

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Oh, who are you kidding, just come on over to the good ole' US of A and go to Stanford, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, ...

Unfortunatly that isn't an option for me:(

I am sure all the prestigious universities are comparably excellent (Oxford, Cambridge, etc.).
Do you have a particular preference for where you want to go within the field of Computer Science (CS)?
For example, Loughborough is pretty well-known for aerospace, so a CS degree there might be designed more for engineering applications.

Perhaps ask your question in a forum specifically for university students. The Student Room (thestudentroom.co.uk) is the biggest student forum I know of, and it happens to be based in the UK. Somebody there probably has personal experience with UK universities and can offer better information.

Unfortunately I don't have any off hand, however you might be able to use the UCAS online search tool for more information.

If you pop on over to search.ucas.com and enter your criteria it should list a huge number of available universities.
From that list, hopefully you shall then be able to match it to your own needs such as what DavidB is suggesting, for example Computing and Mathematics/Physics or Computing and Robotic Engineering.

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