Hi everyone, I have been wondering about the procedures that could help me to gain admission in the top colleges of US. Actually, I am about to complete my studies in Bombay and need to plan for my further studies abroad …. in US. I have been told about SAT tests and applications I need but I would like to know more and in detail about the procedure to take admission there. Help me please to get all information about it.

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Money and connections (preferably both) is they key for the top schools, even more so than grades.

Don't listen to jbennet's nonsense. Top schools' admissions departments do their admissions in ignorance of students' need for financial aid, although some schools don't offer financial aid to international students. A few schools consider it a slight plus if your relatives have attended (e.g. Harvard, UPenn), while other schools are highly meritocratic (e.g. MIT, Caltech, any state schools, ...), but in cases where it is considered, it provides some students a plus -- it's not "key" at all.

If you want information on a particular university's admissions process, you need to look at that university's website and read the instructions. There is no standard USA admissions process, though I think a "common application" has recently become popular.

At least for American students, the application procedure is to take the SAT and some SAT II subject tests, and to fill out an application form and mail it in. Some schools have an optional interview process.

And your grades matter, but there are zillions of students out there who have good grades.

f you are coming from abroad, the first things that you want to determine are:
1) Where do you want to live, for example the northeast like NY, Connecticut etc or the west coast like California, Washington State etc.
2)What school do you want to go to. Regardless of the place, finding a school that catches your attention is paramount.
So after you get all that situated, then move on to what does that school require from foreign students. More likely than not, most universities would like for you to take the TOEFL and have a decent grade point average usually a 3.5 or above.
Another good tip, is dont apply to just one school, apply to several so you have a better chance at getting in one of them.

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