So, while I was away from the office last week a parcel arrived. A parcel containing the latest incarnation of the Parrot AR Drone for me to review for DaniWeb. Not mine to keep, just to play with for a few days. Which is probably just as well because, to be absolutely honest, I can't think of what the heck I would use it for beyond the obvious filming of people in their gardens or through the bedroom window.

What would you use an iPad controlled drone, complete with HD video recording, for?

(DaniWeb review will appear in a week or so, once I've exhausted the 'what can I do with this thing' possibilities)

Other than to use it for inspecting my roof I can't think of anything useful.

heh ... might use it to p--- of my parents neighbours chickens :)
(and I could use it as an excuse to buy an iPad :D )

If I had kids, potentially filming their sports games or some such. Checking the eavestrough/roof for damage. Getting cool photos of waterfalls or birdsnests. if I had a garden maybe chasing birds off it. Most of those are just fun not particularly useful though.

it would occupy me for about 15 minutes, then it would be another thing in the garage roofspace. so many great ideas are up there
we have a local bloke, who offers to take hi-res photos of your house for $25, that's why I got one, but after I had birds eye views of all the roof (from him), so I never used it for that

I'd like aerial shots of the cottage and land. After that I can't think of anything.

Landscape photos, spying on your neighbours, checking parking lot for space.:D

In my country(Belgium) you may own one, but it is forbidden to fly it. Unless you are member of a model aeroplane club, who have special terrains.So for me I would rather like a kite at the beach.

I reread my post, my english (first language) is bloody awful
they are trying to teach me convsersational french/canadian, good luck

Well, we could start the equivalent of kite fighting - drone on drone fights. Now if I could use the drone output for a total immersion flight, say with 3D glasses - that would be exciting but I would probably start vomitting due to the 'balloon head' aspects of the current response times. Balloon head is term used by the users of certain medications where physical movement of the head leads perception of movement.

I have a new use. I'd use it to harass the idiots who insist on fishing 20 feet offshore in front of our cottage. Obviously none of them have ever had the pleasure of digging a lost fish hook out of a foot. And then one of them kindly dumped some unknown liquid (possibly coffee) into the water.

Be sure to have a laser pen at hand for the full effect ;)

You might want to use a drone to crash other drones that pester you.

You might want to use a drone to crash other drones that pester you.

how about crashing their pilots?

@<M/> Would be difficult I guess. These pilots probably live at least 10 feet deep, encapsulated in thick concrete, in the middle of some dessert.

I think I'd probably sit in my living room trying to figure out how to fly the thing for an hour or two before getting frustrated, putting it back in it's box and realising it was a waste of money and that I p****d my girlfriend off for no reason...

I have a broken remote controle helecopter in cupboard, I know how this one plays out.

commented: than ks, my wife is loooking at me like Im insane, laughing at the screen +0