Hi Dani member can anyone throw light on the use of URL shortners. I mean if I use URL shortner is it going to be considered as spam ??

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No, it's not counted as spam.

I think no

The use of a URL Shortener, by itself, is not spam. It is used for many legitimate purposes (e.g. - in Twitter, to keep tweets within the 140 character limit).

And they are offered by many different sources; in fact, even Google provides one (goo.gl). I don't think Google would offer a product that is considered solely a spam tool.

HOWEVER, if you submit a URL--shortened or not--to a multitude of sites, or post it all over the blogosphere, or post it in many forums and it is not relevant to the conversation taking place, then it will be considered spam.

As always, use good judgement and make sure the link you are submitting fits into the page to which you are submitting it.

No.I don't think so.it's counted as spam.

I see that short url is used in twitter and youtube when some one sharing a link in a post and in description of youtube videos. So I do not think that it is not a spam.

Well, thank you Dani members! your answers makes me reach to the point that using url shortner isn't considered as spam.

No its not consider as spam

No, its not spam

It is mainly used on micro-blogging websites like Twitter & it is not considered as spam.

the url shortners like bit.ly do not create content so they are not considered spam, what can be considered spam are content syndication

the thoughts of those you send the link to:
Google this link is not google, but how do you tell (site IS a joke google)

anchor text does not match the uri of your site or the content of the message
= spam report,
more than a few spam reports, blacklist
url shorteners not such a good idea outside of twitter.
nobody should click obfuscated links

Thank you @dani members for your reviews as I have said that no it just not considered as spam, even if it consider as spam it is not going to pass penatly as redirection just doesn't pass penalty. :)

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