Hi. I just wanna ask your opinion..

Which will be the best solution.
I have a laptop with faulty screen. I don't think I want to repair it as it cost high.
It is 2gb ram,320gb hdd and dual-core.

In another hand, my family has a family PC with 512 ram,100gb hdd,pentium 4..

So I'm thinking about instead of using the laptop as CPU (remove the screen) and attach it to the monitor.

Can I know what will be the side effect?
Does it consume more power to use such that?
Will it be dangerous to electrical?

TQ in advance!

p/s : sorry for such question. :lol

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When removing the LCD from a laptop you will run into problems with any antennae that the manufacturer may have placed in the LCD enclosure.

I would consult the laptop maintenance manual, which can moslty be found on the manufacturers website.

As for power, if the desktop monitor has a higher resolution than that of the laptop lcd (most likely) you will be forced to run at a more native resolution for that monitor.

This could cause problems with the gpu or integrated graphics.

It's fine to connect the laptop to an external monitor, but there is no need to remove the broken laptop screen.

What David said. The laptop should be able to be switched to use only an external display with an FN key press.

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