Seventy percent of the national intelligence budget is now spent on private contractors so that's yet another way of funneling tax dollars into the hands of the rich. And how do we find out about all of the terrorist threats that keep us shaking in our boots and willing to give up everything in the name of security? Why it's the media, which is owned by the rich. It is estimated that the private companies are raking in $6 billion a year. According to the Washington Post there are almost 2000 private companies dedicated to profiting off of terrorism.

As it appears to me that the multi-national corporations wanted to pillage the Orient are positioning themselves with US policy backing them, I suppose the next target for US foreign policy is to incite enough turmoil in Tibet (perhaps similar to how they played a role in Egypt) so as to piss off the Chinese government enough to retaliate "against Tibetans" in order to restore the tranquility Tibetans are incidentally presently enjoying.

in order to restore the tranquility Tibetans are incidentally presently enjoying.

I am not sure what you mean with this particular phrase. The Chinese government just completed a rail line to Tibet and are now giving land to Han Chinese to lure them to Tibet. Rather than 'conquering' the Tibetans the plan is to overwhelm them with numbers. At the end of the current phase, the Han Chinese will outnumber the Tibetans and there will no longer be a 'Tibetan' culture; there will be another Chinese province. In 1953 there were about 100k Han in Tibet. Since that time it has been Chinese policy to settle retired military in Tibet allowing a more pro-Chinese civilian population. It is pretty hard to get 'solid' information from the area so population figures are not particularly trustworthy since each 'side(?)' releases data supporting thier particular agenda.

The Chinese government is just as interested in Tibet's oil as the US oil industry. The only difference is that corporations likes Chevron and Exxon want ALL the world's oil reserves in the same way that mineral extraction corporations want ALL of the diamonds, silenium, gold, copper, zinc ... In looking back over recent history (last 50 years), the US backed multi-national corporations will stop at nothing despite the human cost to secure future profits for their shareholders. I think that is the point I'm trying to make. Ironically, ridding the world of the bad guys with their 1% attitude rooted in the name of God, then for the good of the country amd always for the betterment of civilized society of course.

Rather than 'conquering' the Tibetans the plan is to overwhelm them with numbers. At the end of the current phase, the Han Chinese will outnumber the Tibetans and there will no longer be a 'Tibetan' culture

which is taken directly from the Soviet system of supplanting Russians into central Asia in order to "Russify" the central Asian republics.
Of course the Soviets combined this with forced migration of tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of the original inhabitants of those republics to Siberia where most of them succumbed to disease and exposure (they were literally dumped in the forest along the side of the railroad with nothing but some shovels and other tools and told this was their new home).
I'd not be surprised if China is using similar "relocation programs" to move Tibettans to their northern plains, near the Mongolian border, where entire cities are crumbling to dust that were constructed there in the last decades without any reason other than to meet targets on construction of new houses.

What I would like to know is how far reaching the NSAs snooping goes? I have an email account and they have no right to snoop in my country's email accounts right? Also, I have a gmail account, is that accessible by NSA even though I am Canadian?

shaw was not implicated as cooperating with NSA

I suppose whether or not Shaw cooperates with the US authorities depends on how much Stephen harper wants to suck up to the US government. We've seen Canadian governments bow to US pressure before. Remember the Avro Arrow. The Canadian government was so afraid of the Americans that it had everything Arrow related destroyed.

Completely off-topic but the Harper era has come to pass. Seems to me that the Liberals under Justin Trudeau are poising to take the next two/three elections. This will be good for Canada and less good for the American interests in Canada.

if Shaw uses a US based hosting provider, chances are good the data ends up in some NSA program even if he's a Canadian based company.
Even if his traffic passes through the US on its way somewhere else it'll end up in an NSA program (though possibly another one).
And for that traffic, there's not even any protection under the national security act of 1948, which put down that US foreign intelligence services are not to launch operations on US soil. IOW not just the NSA (which from its conception was not listed as a foreign intelligence service precisely to excempt it from that law's restrictions) but the CIA as well are allowed to read your mail.

And that's the big one, why even using a non-US service doesn't mean you won't get your mail read by Obama's snoops, your cellphone calls not recorded.
And of course many countries (UK, Netherlands, I think Germany, France, Belgium, etc. etc.) are clammoring to install similar programs and have already admitted to sharing their own residents' records with the NSA.

At SQLServerCentral, there's a good article that questions all the security efforts taken by DBAs over the years. See here. It's almost as if DBAs will eventually just throw their hands up and say fk it!