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I have been a search engine optimizer since 1994, that's just about the beginning of search engine optimisation. I'm pretty much retired now from it all except for some SEO ethics advocacy.

I'm getting interested in the entertainment industry lately. I practice art therapy through painting,…
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I think Google doesn't consider either type of links as spam. It assigns some insignificant value to them but that is based mostly on the credibility of the blog or forum. Dumping links on spam forums and spam blogs can actually be harmful from an SEO perspective. If you post …

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You'll likely need to develop some content. That'll require you write paragraphs, headings ... You'll likely want to throw in a couple of optimized images. What I mean by optimized is that they are logically named and make good use of the "alt" or "title" attribute to the image tag. …

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[QUOTE=cscgal]What do you consider "ethical SEO"? What types of general techniques do you use? (No need to be specific or anything here.) The only reason I ask is because everyone has their own definitions of black hat, white hat, ethical, not-so-ethical, etc. :)[/QUOTE] I am not falling for that one. …

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Wow. Thanks for showing up. I have so many questions and comments about your presentation that I've had to restrict myself to one in order to keep my blood pressure stable: [QUOTE=chikulanikader;878278] networking, from time to time, to improve the business activity.[/QUOTE] Surely you don't mean the manipulating of link …

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Upon reading your posting, I wonder ... "Could your web page ranking woes have anything to do with having horrific writing abilities?" ... just wondering

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Much of what I've read so far in this thread encourages the SEO newcomer to find trendy ways to link the shit out of his web pages regardless of the caliber of the content. To throw webpages together then seek reinforcement outside the work in order to make the pages …

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[QUOTE=jacktb;1534401]Please share your SEO strategies for your e-commerce stores. Thanks.[/QUOTE]Don't use the manufacturer's description of the product. Write your own extremely accurate assessment otherwise you will likely not get much reward from the search engine as trhe product would be described elsewhere exactly the same way at least once and …

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Depends. If it is just a handful you can try contacting the webmaster to physically remove them and that may work. If it is many "bad" links then you may be out of luck. The thing to remember is to NOT try to manipulate your backlinking strategy by artificially building …

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Do your keyphrase research to find industry specific and highly searched keyphrases. Make yourself some keyphrase targets. Analyze your keyphrase competitors; check their coding, internal linking structure, backlinks etc. Revolve a website around your keyphrase targets. Read up on how to properly optimize your on-site webpage components. Deploy a powerful …

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Link building is not in itself search engine optimization. Link building as the sole tactic in an SEO strategy is like having some cheap icing for a cake. You got to bake cake man! And about the other part of your question, the "traffic" you may have received in the …

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what is wrong is that Google's now showing half a page of sponsored results before their natural results. It almost impossible to determine what's really the best web page for a search. I want to puke when I have to scroll to see my rankings that should be prominent. This …

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I cannot imagine how a web page could have difficulty performing for such a non-competitive keyword phrase. I would suggest you consider other forms of advertising beyond the search engines as the pages you are creating obviously add little value to the Internet.

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[QUOTE=ShadyxxLady;788551]Hey guys Can you name me some promotional techniques ... ideas?[/QUOTE]OOOH boy. The more I read my own salivations, the more I hate it but now listen to this all anyway. This response is a little bit lengthy I know but I already lost an hour's writing tonight and I'm …

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wow ... over working meta tags or crafting a web page Title a little too long hardly merits being consider the same as Black Hat SEO techniques. No. Each search engine optimizers will learn in time to the extent he can flex his on-page optimization muscles. To me, and ironically, …

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Huge numbers of Likes can come naturally in almost any industry provided you are offering regular, intereresting and relevant new posts. It may take some time to develop a large enough audience to naturally generate Likes so one trick is to Like others, similarly themed Facebook Fan Pages. Often, that …

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All SEO begins with deciding on effective keyphrases and optimizing web pages for them. Try to find ones that are attainable mostly using onpage and on-site search engine optimization. Try to figure out ways to make your web pages important enough on their own for the search engine to deem …

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[QUOTE=Cyberdesignz;1699392]Right now its Facebook that can bring you more traffic as Google+ will need time to gain trust of users as it is launched quite recently. So for now I suggest you to use Facebook. Google+ is still in its beta version.[/QUOTE]I don't know ... looks to me like their …

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Re: Seo

A couple of options: **SEO Skills Option A** You may want to consider learning how to write well, in English ... provided you wanted to optimize English web pages. **SEO Skills Option B** You may want to train your hands and mind to copy/paste hyperlinks super quickly. That's the tremendous …

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Email marketing is annoying and potential customers are not impressed with receiving solicitations in their inboxes (should your communication be able to pass their spam filters, which incidentally and perhaps ironically are in place to stop email marketers from reaching their inboxes). In other words, it isn't often an effective …

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Actually, there is SEO in social media marketing. Take Youtube for example. Videos get ranked and are subject to algorhythmic interpretation. That is why it is important to include a keyphrase rich Title and well optimized description for each video inasmuch the same way you would perform SEO on a …

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The best software I've found to date checks for correct grammar and spelling. Word is a good one. I've found over the years that the search engines prefer well written content rather than well ... most of the rest of the crap out there.

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Personally I do not spend any time whatsoever on off-site ranking factors. I work on business web sites, normal stuff not meant to get anybody rich quick but intended to get a market share of the qualified traffic available from keywords and keyword phrase searches specific to the products or …

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What is more important for the web site? Consider that for a moment. You can control your own web site, its pages, its content etc but you cannot control what happens outside of that; who links to who or what. What do you think is more important? You can change …

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I'm really at the bottom too man and want so very much to get higher. Fortunately I have both an emotional and ranking cure that works magic but I'll only offer you some suggestions for your webpage ranking woes. I know that it will take a bit of creative effort …

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Apologize for the terrible spelling the last post I made here. I think I wanted to make the point that to think you can rank keyphrases using external linking factors is to want to manipulate the search engine into believing that the linked web page is of some importance; enough …

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The type of linking strategist the OP is refering to doesn't really perform any search engine optimization on a web site. They figure out ways to build links to web pages in hopes of the process of building links will increase ranking in the results pages for a desired set …

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I deleted all my video a few years back and now need examples of my music video creation skills. I've tried several ways to get the videos back but I cannot even find their Youtube locators. Thanks for your time.

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The best ones are designed for sustaining a long lifespan at the top of the results in competitive search environments. There may be some short cuts to the top but generally the easy way out is the easy way out. Think about your actual content: the words in your paragraphs, …

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