I'm seriously considering Altiris for our corporation; more specifically, the Client Management Suite. We have 5 offices with ~100 computer users. Has anyone used this before? Is it pretty user-friendly? And is it worth it's weight in $$?

Also a harder question: What is the difference between this and OpenManage Systems Management?

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My company used Altiris for 250 users for 2+ years. We had problems with the software and the upgrades - it became more of an issue to just maintain the Altiris servers and the SQL DBs. We recently switch to KBOX by KACE, which is an appliance-based solution. It was quick and painless - also ended up being cheaper than Altiris for us. The install of the appliance was easy and deployment of the agent was fast.

I don't know. I talked on the phone with a girl from KBOX and it definitely sounds more user-friendly, thought it isn't as powerful and, in our case, more expensive.

Thanks though. I was seriously considering kace for a couple hours. Great recommendation!

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I would go with Altiris.

We are going through the process of installing altiris at the moment. We've had a few issues getting it up and running, but It's highly capable once it's working. Distributed software replaces our CSE manager, and after a bit of fiddling, Ghost is replaced by the inbuilt image taker, and schedulable cloner (inc. sysprep/sid changer etc).
The incidents helpdesk thing is pretty good too, as is the auditing tool. It takes all your serial numbers, PC make/model's, software installed, covers licensing counts etc.

Although like I said. It's a pain in the arse to setup, but there is good help at the other end of the phone.

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