Just wondering if acer makes quality laptops... I found a good looking one on newegg.com and it's very reasonably priced (<900), but I've never used an acer before. I know newegg has a very good reputation, but I was hoping someone could help me out with acer.


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I just purchased an Acer 5400 from Micro Center. 949.00 less $150 rebate less $100 rebate if I signed up for their credit card. Not bad for a 100 GB hd, 1GB memeory, 15" screen, XP Pro, etc. etc.

My son works in IT and has one and likes it. He says that the screen doesn't work if you are in the sun, so check out where you sit in realtion to the Light! :)

My company's IT guru, whose title is "chief cynic" also likes it.

So I bought it.

Now I need time to set it up.

BTW. Avoid the 3 yr warranty jazz. They have, if you ask for it, a Bronze 1 or 2 year plan for 99 or 129 that seems sufficient.

HOpe this helps.

They're a European brand. They're a solid B brand here with aspirations to become a Big Name. Most of the quality and features of the majors but at a more reasonable price.

I'd rather buy one of the Big Names (Toshiba, IBM, Sony) myself if the difference in price was small because I want my machines to last years and years, but if you're looking at something that doesn't need to work 24/7 for a decade Acer is a very viable alternative.

Acer laptops are as good as any other laptop manufacturers. Personally, i think that they are of better quality than dell laptops.
I have an old acer laptop that I purchased in Europe back in 1999. It is still up and running although I don't use it anymore.

I have an Acer Laptop 3100 model - great value for money and holdings its value shame I can't say the same about the battery - when purchased they claimed it would last 3 hours - only one hour will it go for.


Ok, since I started this thread back in '04, and eventually did end up buying an acer (it's what I'm on right now).... I can safely say I made the right choice. I have an Aspire 1360, with an AMD Sempron 2800+. 1.6 GHz, 512 MB ram, and a 40 gb hd. When I bought it back in '04, it ran me about $950 out the door including shipping. The laptop has taken about 3 really good falls over the years, and the only damage being to the battery cable. I would (and have) highly reccommend an Acer to anyone looking for a laptop.

Heh quick question for ya. Have ya had any other laptops?


Just wondering if acer makes quality laptops... I found a good looking one on newegg.com and it's very reasonably priced (<900), but I've never used an acer before. I know newegg has a very good reputation, but I was hoping someone could help me out with acer.


i have just brought the acer 3610 aspire, 80gb hard disk, 512Mb ddr2 ram, Intel celeron 2.0ghz processor, and dual layer DVD writer. £600 from comet, performs well but doesn't make a good replacement for a desktop, only had it 4 weeks and already thinking of adding another MB of ram, only managed to get and hour out of the battery so far, crashes occasionally, otherwise great budget laptop :cheesy:


I dont know. A friend of mine bought an ACER lappy and she's had a nighmarish time with it. First, the HD crashed causing her to lose data. She got the HD replaced as it was in warranty. Oh, and the warranty was only for 6 months. And this when she bought it from an authorised ACER showroom. After 9 months, her combo drive failed and she's currently ODD-less. I've had bad experiences with ACER. I for one wouldn't go for their lappy...

I bought one last week. It is an Aspire 5570Z. Staples in south florida has a special for $598. It is a pentium dual core, 1024mb of ram, 100gb hdd, windows vista home premium, with a 14.1" screen(weighs 5.2lbs), and a dvd/rw too. i love it. it is extremely fast. Best buy has one for same price with 15.4" screen. Personally i prefer less weight and i have good eyesight. THe best buy version only has vista basic and 80gb hdd and only 512mb ram. all good buys. I got a 2 yr warranty from staples just in case. It was $120. I am actually using it right now. My desktop died on me so i replaced it with the acer laptop. Great primary computer. At first i wanted an American comuter like dell, ibm, hp, or gateway, but i couldnt let this deal pass by. It came with norton for 3 months and it is a really good antivirus. Acer also has very good features. Acer management is great.

my only complain was that it didnt come with microsoft works. I ended up buying microsoft office 07 which is really nice. I do recommend to buy speakers for it because laptop speakers are weak.

i would say acers are brill
i have one running on 98 and it still runs fine to this day
go get one they are really quite reliable

Acers laptops are good with its high quality and lower prizes comparing to other big brands

yeah my cus got a widescreeen one with a turion 64 and MCE for about £699

very nice, 512 ram and 120gb hdd with built ijn wifi, webcam, card reader etc and dvd/r

Plz check, the screen is pretty not good,
it will clear when u r exact oposite to sceen only,
other wise it wont good

but toshiba is not like that

see and goo with the best brands, i suggest u to use toshiba or IBM

they are pretty price and good quality

>it will clear when u r exact oposite to sceen only,
You must be referring to glossy screens versus dull screens. The glossy screens have a much narrower viewing angle, however the advantage of implementing them on laptops is that you get an increased picture quality and more intense colors.

It's debatable which is better, some prefer one version, others prefer another. MacBook Pros even allow you to choose between glossy and dull screens, so you can choose whatever suits you.

hey Rajang, all sonys have those glossy screens - does that mean you consider them to be an inferior brand ?

(i myself prefer unglossy as i work in suny environments a lot)

Ya dude, they're sweet but you should check whats under the hood, don't run Vista with a Celeron... it gets messy!

Yes, core2duo is good

yeah my cus got a widescreeen one with a turion 64 and MCE for about £699

very nice, 512 ram and 120gb hdd with built ijn wifi, webcam, card reader etc and dvd/r

does the cam work? is it a built in one? Mine is, Acer Orbicam on an aspire and it BSOD of death me randomly on startup, doesn't work with msn. and is now disabled by moi :@

works fine for my cus?

maybe you have a bad driver?

:( I tried updating, reinstalling *le sigh*.

IMO Toshiba laptops are the best in the industry so far.

We get this qustion alot on our show bits and bytes.

The truth is they are all pretty good with sound but quality is very low on most of the acer laptops.

Others have better sound, but as far as functionality they handle well all apps but remember lower memory in all results in poor quality too.

Bits and Bytes computer show.


Acer are ok but the sound is ver low to hear.

In my opinion there all about the same it goes by what you want and what do want it to do.

I bought my acer laptop which i completely forgot the trade and mark but it lasted me all my years of college. The only thing that didnt last long was the battery..it was very weak during my 4th year. But I blame myself 90% for it because I wasnt taking good care of it, leaving it on for hours under blanket etc...but if i had to buy a new laptop, i will definetly go for ACER again

yes acer laptop are I have one runs great!!

NO!!. Its crap.

I am Not happy with My ACER aspire 5100. I have been using it about 5 hours a week and got an intermitent problem with the hardware during booting only 13 months after purchase. just out of warranty.

I would not buy an acer again. Better to pay a little more and get a reliable notebook. I have had 2 IBMs and a no-name clone notebook before and never had any issues.

In addition support from acer sucks. On their support site I found my problem and all it is says its a hardware issue. (yes that great help) Have replaced hardrive and memory sticks hopping this will fix it but no luck. the problem is with the mother board which means new notebook since servicing with acer will cost the same as getting a new one.

Would never buy an acer again.

For others who may have the same problem here is the error during boooting.

For Realtek RTL8139(X)/8130/810X PCI Fast Ethernet Controller
PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable
PXE-M0F: Exiting

Um thats a simple error. Its trying to boot from a server on a wired network, which doesnt exist.

Just go into the BIOS, look at the boot order and make sure that the hard drive and / or cd drive come before the network card (May be called PXE or etherboot or something). Save, exit and reboot.

The only thing that didnt last long was the battery..it was very weak during my 4th year

Normal life for nearly all laptop batteries is 1-2 years with lots of use.

jbennet you maybe right but I went trough similar scenario. Before everything went bad with laptop I received various error messages from network adapter, then it started swapping profiles on start up. What I mean by that is that laptop is fitted with mobile processor. On start I will get this mobile pentium logo ( blue and purple) in right corner and network will work. However next time I will start up there will be only classic pentium 3 logo and no network. When ever I started laptop I did not know if it will work or not.
I sent laptop to Acer for check out, this cost me £53 (some less then £10 for DHL pick-up&delivery and £40 plus VAT for 1 hour of technician work). After that they sent back note that basically motherboard need replacement and that will cost £321 (some £150 for component and rest for repair). As I need it that laptop very badly at that time and did not see any point in buying new (there is not much to get for £300 and I haven't got any extra on top of that), therefore I was left with only this option. To know that Acer will take full 30 days to actually repair it ( their policy is if we have components need it for repair we willing to fix it in 10 working days) I wouldn't do it and go for some second hand. When I received laptop I found out that outside cover of monitor is scratched as technician assembling my laptop was careless and drag it over screws. I called back to Acer asking how this happened, just to be told that my laptop was send back with out repair 3 weeks back (nice company record keeping). After explaining that I just received the laptop I was put on hold for 10 min, after which I was told they can arrange repair out of charge but I need to pay for DHL and "he is not sure if they have any front covers for model of my laptop". Hell, not again!!!
I will finish my story with few reasons I will never buy Acer again:

  • laptop came with additional Acer tools that are useless
  • the product productive life time is very short as their products often develop various faults (display - dead pixeles, vertical strip of different colour across screen, hinges brake down quickly; VGA or network card die)
  • technical support has weak IT background
  • repair records are not kept in order
  • company provides zero drivers updates ( all drivers on the website are ancient)
  • there is little care when goodies are in their possession (received laptop with scratches, from earlier repair HDD cover was not placed properly and screws loose)
  • calling support is not the cheapest one

3 months ago I purchased Aspire 6930, Its pretty Awesome! I have owned other top brand name laptops such as Dell and Sony and have tried others like hp and toshiba, and honestly this laptop is alot of bang for the buck! a quality laptop for an Awesome price. Purchased at newegg.com for only $700 Intel Core 2 duo processor T6400 (2.0 Ghz, 800 FSB, 2MB L2 Cache), 16" HD Acer CineCrystal LCD, Up to 1695 MB Mobile Graphic Media Accelerator 4500MHD), 4 GB DDR2, 250 GB HDD, DVD Super Multi DL, 802.11 a/b/g/Draft N WLAN, Subwoofer, Vista home premium sp1 makes this laptop quite an experience being that I am new to Vista, This is a great deal. So far so good straight out the box. This can definitely replace your desktop with this wide and clear 16" LCD. This is a very attractive laptop has an illuminating acer logo on the top. Very happy!

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