This looks like a neat place.
I just got an irc plugin for firefox
but could not seem to communicate
with anyone so I think this group will
suite me for conversations.
I had a question for a fellow
named John Schwinghammer
that was on the IRC I tried to email him, but
to no avail. Maybe someone here can
comment on what it was I was wanting to
ask him. To save time here's the text to him
that returned:

I was just looking for someone
that could tell me if this is normal:
I typed the name of a program I was
trying to find in the address bar
& expected a normal search results page
but to my amazement it took me right
to a webpage that had the file!
Last night using IE, I tried to search for it
and found a german sight but could
not get the download.
Firefox knew how to find a good download page!
I have never seen anything like that before.
Also, is it normal for my PC to want to get icons
from sites I visit? I noticed on some
of the search results previews in google,
wierd sql looking stuff like
"you want to get icons.."
-------Thanks for any reply,---------JRLogan
PS--I think my computer has a ghost in it and it's crosswired>Does some
wierd things!
> I experiment with the keyboard;typing things in while booting , like "^update" and other things that sound like commands.
I know I'm ignorant but am I crazy as well
for trying things like that?
If I hold the pointer at certain spots on icons
and certain letters in words it affects running programs
also speeds up pages loading and makes the led flicker.
Is that buffer overflow, or some strange crosswire,integration??

Contrary to popular belief, ignorance is not bliss.:eek:

if you just type random words (ie not a web address) in the firefox address bar afaik it does a google 'i'm feeling lucky' search on them and directs you to that page