i learnt that oneshould only keep source files in GitHub repos. so i deleted a previous repo , one with compiled class files , etc to create a new repo.
i pushed all my Source files there. all OK.
BUT , then i tried to add new source files , and MAYHEM!

Nothing is getting done , no pulls , no push , no syncs , no nothing!
whats more , the same is happening with all other Repos!

is this the end of my githubbing days ? :(

i desparately need some help here !

will provide whatever info is needed regardingthe matter. Being unsure whats causing the problem ,i didnt upload any screen shots yet.

Nothing is getting done , no pulls , no push , no syncs , no nothing!

What have you tried? Getting errors?

Tried the "create new repository here" option of TG (Tortoise Git) , then through the normal procedures of commit-master and then push tried to push it to the repo.
didnt work . only showed error code 1.
deleted the repo , created a fresh one , tried from scratch again , same results.
tried pulling first , then pushing , same results.
tried GitSync , same results.

after about 6 hours of frustrating permutation combination of whatever options i could think of , this is the only one thats still working

go to the required directory. > create a clone of the repo there > copy required source files into the local clone folder > push. That still works.

BUT i no longer get the TG colored icons i used to get previously.

Have you tried reinstalling TortoiseGit?

yes , both git and tortoisegit.

Can't think of a reason, never encountered something like this.

TortoiseGit is nothing more than a GUI front-end to Git. I would not recommend that you rely on it for any advanced work, especially if you are having some trouble with your repo. You should use Git Bash, i.e., the command-line utility, because that will give you all the info and error messages you will need to diagnose the problem. TortoiseGit is only really designed to do the easy-everything-is-normal tasks. I always prefer the command-line interface to Git because it's more informative and clear. In TortoiseGit, you are always one click away from messing up the whole repo without even knowing.

If you have problems with the repo, you need to report (here) the output that you get when you run the operations, especially git status and git pull origin master.