I have to do an academic project that takes place over several months - my dissertation.

I'd like to do something cool, and cutting edge, and interesting that has some basis in the real world (by this I mean something non abstract/non-fully mathematical).

My thoughts were of something that was related to image detection i.e. for an android app/game that is based on hand movements/eye tracking.

I'd like more ideas though if someone can share a cool upcoming technology/idea that is underdeveloped/has a need for or will be great fun - please share!

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we're still waiting for an automated project idea generator...

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we're still waiting for an automated project idea generator...

commented: haw haw. still chortling as I type :) +0

Some actual ideas please.

seems you didn't get the message: we're not your project idea generator, use your brain for that.

In our experience, 90%+ of kids coming here asking us to give them their ideas then come back to ask us to implement those ideas for them.

A common sense trainer. Much needed app!

I may have some ideas for you, but it all depends on what you're capable of doing. What is your major and secondly, do you HAVE to develop the idea from scratch?