Well just joined this site today to try and sort out my hotmail problem - im a professional dancer so I feel a little out of place! But I do dabble in sound and video stuff (in a very basic way!).....it can help make contemporary dance a little more understandable ...... sometimes!

Anyway, looks like a great site and hopefully someone can help me with my silly hotmail problem!



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Welcome emsp!
What is your problem? can you write more detailed about it?


Hey fry - sure can.....here is my post I put in the Mac OSX troubleshooting section.....if you can help me ill be forever grateful!

Hi - Ive been having trouble for a week logging into hotmail - the sign up page loads but when I enter my details and hit send it comes up with the message 'server timed out while waiting for browser request'........

I can access other sites, although not the hotmail help page....figures hey! I have been to an internet cafe and can access my hotmail there, and have also tried clearing the cache, cookies and resetting my browser....all to no avail....I use safari version 2.0.3, and the problem is on my powerbook G4 laptop, which is running OSX 10.4.5.....any ideas/help would be muchly appreciated!

Thanks in advance!


hello again.
I had some kind of your problem, i couldn't access to one of the site's pages, and it told me "time out error" or smth like this. i worked under windows, so i installed another browser and all began working perfectly. So may be you have the same trouble, try to install opera 8.5(as i know it is working under Mac OS).
good luck.


just tried a new browser - firefox and still no good! Starting to get frustrated now! Thanks anyway for your help

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