So whats everybody's favorite fast food place/ restaurants

Chipotle & Panera bread are pretty good.... :D

I haven't been to a fast food place in years. I think the final straw was when McDonalds started selling its McCrap (or was that McWrap). It finally woke me up. Then I started noticing new slogans popping up

Arby's - "I'm so hungry I could eat at Arby's"

Taco Bell - "Technically, it's food"

Very rarely we will order in Chinese. We used to eat out a few times a year but our two favourite restaurants are no longer. Shabusen (Oriental stir fry) got new owners and went downhill and Arjuna's (Indonesian) closed. Arjuna's had the most incredible rice table.

I go to one of the sandwich shops about once a week.
This includes Panera Bread, Jimmy John's, Port of Subs etc.

The good old local traditional Fish and Chip shop! But not too often!
When out after an evening drinking in Dublin (again not too often especially nowadays,) I tend to find myself in Zaytoon - it's an authentic kebab place everything is freshly made in store - they even have a guy rolling out dough and making pitta bread from scratch on a little oven thing!