Gidday all.

Just found this forum this morning while browsing around the neighbourhood, looks like a nice friendly forum here, so I thought I'd throw my body into the mix and join in the fun.

All about me, eh? Ummmm, as I just stated in my profile, I'm and ex-pat Kiwi (New Zealander), who has lived in NZ for 25 yrs, Australia for 7 yrs, and now I have been in the US for the past 9 yrs, which if you add all that up, I'm a bloody old fart at the ripe age of 41.

I moved here (the US) with my first wife back in '97. She had a TON of health issues, and there was an experimental treatment here for her multiple chemical sensitivities that we couldn't get in Oz, so we put our lives on hold for 6 months while we came over and tried it. We lived in Dallas TX for the duration of the treatment.

Well, at 7 years into the treatment, she passed away (June 23rd, 2004). I joined a young widows support board, a few months later contemplated moving back to NZ to start my life over again, then met a widow from that board and we really hit it off. We are now newlyweds (3 mths ago), and living in Yuma, AZ. It's a little warmer than my li'l ol' home town in New Zealand ..... oooh, by about 15 degrees C in summer :eek: .... let's see, a HOT summer day in my home town was about 30 degrees C (85F), and now a HOT summer day is 48 degrees C (118F). Toasty warm. Mmmmmm. LOL.

Anyway, I'm HAPPILY remarried now, life is good, I'll be allowed to start WORKING soon (paperwork, red tape etc) but in the meantime, my (new) wife and I are enjoying life and enjoying learning. At the moment I am learning (informally) Flash Pro8 and DreamWeaver8 while we build a home-based business website for ourselves (see my first and only post so far in the "ecommerce" section looking for a suitable and REPUTABLE payment processor for our site).

That's about it for now ... my life in a nutshell. Sorry it hasn't been a more interesting read for you all .....:rolleyes:

Mike W.

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