I hope it is okay to post this here.

I'll be interviewed by a few companies in some time and I heard mock interviews are a great way to be prepare for it (the mental aspect :)).

So I was wondering if anyone else is the situation and would like to interview with me (mutually).

Hope I didn't violate any forum rules here

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Be an idea for you to include some CV-type stuff (your relevant experience, hopes and aspirations, interests, etc) and the type of job that you're aiming for.

Your idea is greate. Its very good to get rid of hesitation by mocking yourself in front of mirror or you can record yourself on your laptop webcam.

Oh sorry I didn't include this,
it is a software engineering role - a very general one. Especially the 1st few rounds will be very general (data structures and algorithms and such), so I was interested in a mock interview of that kind.

GrowFastDigital, thanks for the suggestion. But I'm going to be phone screened first, and I wanted to have some phone like mock interviews