hi guys, i want to learn how to web design via applications. I actually dont have any idea about web design. So want to learn. So, please help me from where to learn. And what are necessary for web designing.

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I think the first thing to get out of the way is do you actually mean design or do you mean development?
Do you care about the look/style and usability, or do you care about the functionality?

Answering this will give us a better idea of how to answer your question.

i want to do design. In words i wanna say that i want to build up career at freelancing market on web designing.

Well, if you want be a good web designer, enhance your skills on html5/css3, php, photoshop, etc.

Web Designing is a good choice but I would say it is better to be well rounded and also know web development. The extra cash in your pocket would be nicer, wouldn't it?

Should have basic knowledge on html and css to start with.

try to learn basic concepts of html and css..

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I disagree with <M/>. Don't be well rounded. Being well rounded might work for you, however if you want to be great, you need to focus. HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript these are all client facing and are required to create beautiful robust sites and take many years to master. And once you are done mastering them, you'll want to master their next version, it's a vicious cycle. Keep up with the tools you use and become a master at using them photoshop/illustrator/GIMP or whatever you use. Read blogs from people who are great at the craft you are trying to get into. Get a mentor, someone you can learn from.

If you are great at a focused area, you will become recognized for it and get more jobs and be able to charge more as well.

This message has been brought to you by some guy who might not know anything about what he is talking about, however he is trying to help ;)

@stbuchok, I agree with you but I was giving him a recommendation that it can be a bit more effective for him if he learns a little more on development. you never know what ideas will trigger.

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true, very true.

anyone give me any suggestions from where i can learn web designing and basic development via online in free of cost. thanks

Click Here

This a link to Microsoft's Channel 9.

An excellent free video series by Bob Tabor. I found it useful as a conversion/intro from html4 to html5 but its actually aimed at absolute beginners (html5 and css3). 20 episodes you can even follow along with just notepad and all the sample code is downloadable.

html i think

HTMl is very important for web design, first learn it and then try design tools.

you have to start with html and css
software is adobe dreamweaver cs

There are some good answers here already, but if I could say some more on the subject, here goes.

To answer your question, if you want to learn web design HTML and CSS are the first things you need to learn. Then you should learn JavaScript (ECMAScript) as it is quite important to do a lot of slightly more advanced things. Learning PHP is a personal choice. If you find you like the programming side of the web, venture into PHP. More jobs will be available to you, better pay, and you get a little more experiance with server-side programming (thus back-end) and can better understand what any web developers you are working with are talking about.

In web design image creation is also a key thing to know. Again, you will get more jobs and pay if you have image editing know-how and experiance, plus you won't have to wait on other team members and you can create exactly the look and feel of the site you want. Having said that, it is not essential to becoming a web designer and you can make due just fine without it if you find you don't like it.

What I am surprised to see has not been mentioned here is W3C and W3Schools. W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, make all the rules for the web and web languages. W3Schools is W3C's learning website. There are tutorials and language references for many web languages on there.

W3C : Web standards
W3Schools : Web language tutorials and references

Hope this helps on your journey.

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To learn web design, as new user, I would take a look at Train Simple. It's only $10 and has a nice track setup for you to follow courses in order.

You could also try codeacademy to start with its good and free

If you want to become a designer than take quick look at the industry practices. There are many designers available who only know, that how to make a design with copy paste. They are not creative as designer should be, so I will advise you to learn basic knowledge of sketching and HTML, if you want to became a designer.

I suggest you some website eg. w3schools and htmldog. These sites provides all information about web designing and related languages.So please reffer this two sites.

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