Mine is:


Don't ask me why.
I guess it's the succession of vowels o a i e u

The F*** bomb, because it can mean so many different things depending on the context in which it's used. But, unfortunately, many people just overuse it which just trivializes it.

A long time favorite of mine is "nincompoop". I just think it is such an odd word, by sound and purpose. I don't know if anyone ever uses it. I like odd words, like "vichyssoise" which I use from time to time in formal writing too (in the figurative sense, not to describe a kind of soup).

I don't know if anyone ever uses it.

I use it because I grew up with my mom using it.

"boondoggle" has to be one of my favourites.

"gobbeldygook" is another favorate. It describes pretty well what politicians say.

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Very underused, but I find it very useful.

borborygmi - it just roils off the tongue

My favorite English word would be "Shit"
and in Arabic "Zagg"
Or as my family says "Botbot"
My favorite Arabic word would be "Ingezha" which means "Jump over it"
we use it when you ask for something, like can I drive your car? "Ingezha"
or on other words NO.

I find "scroom" to be quite useful these days.

I find that "Quinary son of a genetic algorithm" rolls of the tongue quite nicely when I want to let off some steam. As for a single word... Queueing's vowels sound awesome. (as noted by Randall http://xkcd.com/853/)

I find "boondockers" to be pretty cool for a field shoes. My Dad used tell me grab your "boondockers" and let's go.


Yeah, but it's so overused it's practically a cliche.

i guess a thing that is "cliche" or popular is always listed as a favourite :)

Conundrum = Trying to fiqure out what Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis means


Pneumono = lung
ultramicroscopic = very small
silico = glass/silica-based minerals (quartz, sand, etc..)
volcano = from a volcanic eruption
coni = extra letters that probably shouldn't be there except it sounds cooler.
osis = general functional disease/disorder

So it is the disease/damage to the lung after inhaling volcanic ash from an explosive volcanic eruption.

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coniosis is in fact a medical term reffering to a disease caused by inhalation of dust. Thought you liked to know that. :)

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I like 'erinaceous' - to resemble, or to do with a hedgehog

Ain't because it's fun to watch people argue over it.

'Spanner' or 'Soup' are both good, simply as I like the way my mouth feels when I say them (file me under odd).

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Just realised that many of the words here are not really English at all - they're borrowed or bastardized.

Spanner (German)
Soup, Obtuse (French)
Pusillanimous, erinaceous (Latin)

Ban, Love (prob. English or proto-Germanic)
Happy (English)

I was bored, obviously (Latin).