Well I couldn't just say "Hello!" (that just wouldn't be me...;)! I wandered in here from Google lookin' for some dhcpd info and thought to myself " what an interesting little board..." everyone's so nice (from the few posts I've perused) that it's kinda weirdin' me out a little! =) I guess I'm just so used to all the flamin' idiot's (pls pardon the pun) that I feel like I opened some door, slid down a rabbit hole and ended up in OZ, (hey wait, did you just hear something that souned like 100,000 people all saying "FOOP" at the same time?) but I digress. I've been doing IT for about 21 yrs and have my own conpany in the VI. I'm moving to Philly for a change of venue and to get into larger systems (most of the companies deal with are less then 25 people). I work with RH mostly some Debian and OpenBSD for any servers I have in the wild. I do application servers with Samba, run the servers, switches, firewalls and generally keep all the little blinky lights blinkin'... Looks like a nice place I can't wait to root around some more.... =)

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I feel like I opened some door, slid down a rabbit hole and ended up in OZ

Heh no wonder so many of us stay around here :)

I hope ya stay with us here at Daniweb.



The reason that's so crazy, is that the rabbit hole leads to wonderland...

*mumbles something about space-time continums and wormholes*

"Oh, by the way, if you'd really like to know, he went that way" - Cheshire

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