Hi All,
My beloved 98SE HD suffered a mechanical failure- I'm trying to reset up 98SE with a new drive- everything is fine- except the system doesn't see the ethernet stuff- this is the same PC- just a different HD. I've got to get a 98SE back up and working- with internet- how do I solve this?
I had to put 2000 on this drive to hit the net- but I would gladly reformat to get the 98 back.
I had actually put a dual boot on this drive- loading 98se first, then the 2000, it worked the first couple times- but now I've lost the option to switch over to the 98- I get a black screen and a blinking cursor- that's it. I can see the 98 folder on the HD- but no go.
First and foremost- just want to solve the ethernet issue-so I can stay with the 98se.
Anyone know how to solve this?
Thanks much for the help!

What ethernet card do you have? Please, post network card manufacturer & model (or mobo manuf. & model if it is implemented)
Possibly the driver isn't included with the windows 98SE package.

Are you sure the etnhernet card didn't load something from a disk when you installed it? Mine did.

If you know what ethernet card it is, then chances are you'll be able to download a Win98 driver from the interwebnet

yeah im betting its a bog standard realtek one (in my experience thats what 90% of ethernet cards are, intel or realtek)

If it is on-board, then it is included in the motherboard drivers package.