Hi . I'm using a Gigabyte p4 titan , it's GA-81E2004 motherboard .
I want to buy a 64 mb gforce fx graphics card but i'm not sure if my motherboard's is going to be compatible with the card or not .
I've called up a shop and they were asking me if it was Gigabyte 865 or Gigabyte 845 . I've lost my motherboard manual and all I have is the motherboard box and a precedure for installing the motherboard .
Is there any way for me to know whether it's 865 or 845 other than that of looking at the manual ?

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Either board will support an AGP8X video card. An i845 chipset board should have an AGP4X slot, which should be fine.

Even so, make sure you can get a guarantee that the card you're buying will work in your motherboard.


Everest says that the supported agp speeds are 1x , 2x and 4x .

Current agp speed : 4x .
I'll try and post the result here . Now I understand what they meant by 845 !


okay i've bought octek's tadeon 7000 series 64mb . however , no matter how high i set my desktop gamma / brightness settings to be , the in-game gamma level is always horrible and too dark . Should I try to download a new driver from the internet ? I had one driver with the cd .

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