I am working at a computer that has athe Neoware site as a home page in Internet Explorer. For some reason, a right click will not provide a menu to see the properties of this site, nor do I have a START bar. How do I find out what Windows program runs on it? How do I add a tool bar of any kind on this thing? I've never seen anything like it. Thanks for your input.:rolleyes:

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I might regret this...but can you post a link to the neoware Web site so I can determine where your problem lies.

If it is http://www.neoware.com/, the problem is not with the site. I have no trouble right-clicking or viewing the source code of the site.

It would be helpful to know what version of IE you are using and where this computer is located (i.e. home, work, etc.).

If you are at work and the computer is on a network, you should see if co-worker's computers are similarly configured. If so, this setup is by design and you will need to speak to your network administrator.


hmm sounds like you are having sereouse problems 1st of all i would right click on the main windows screen with out been on a website then goto properties if you can then click on settings then move the bar what should be on the bottom right hand side what will change the size of you windows screen to get a tool bar you will be able to download one from microsft at the minute i am useing explorer 7 but explorer 6 is much more easy to use if you are new to the internet hope this advice helps you out and good luck with it all take care and all the best. from wildfire_1971 :-)

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