Could you guys help me out? Just don't ask why do I need that, but if you want to answer, go ahead.
How do I segregate parts of country?

For America it would be (according to my knowledge): Country, state, county, city, street, home.

Could you guys expand it (if possible)? Starting from "Country", ending on "Home"?

It can also be done by postal code.
For example, in the US, the ZIP code is used for accurately locating a region. I believe it is established by the USPS, but other shipping companies use it too (e.g. UPS, FedEx, etc.)

It started out as a 5-digit code but has since expanded to a 5 + 4 system: e.g. - 80302-8761

Once you are in a particular zip code, you can refine a location to the street number, and unit number:

123 Main Street
Unit #403

Other countries use postal codes, but organize them slightly differently. For example, I believe Germany's system is based on proximity to a large urban center. So Munich city center might be 80000 and outlying areas would be defined in relation to 80000: 800023, 80875, etc. It is pretty logical once you understand it. Makes more sense to me than the English and Canadian system, which uses postal codes like M5B 4W6, etc.

Uhm, what? I don't want to find certain place on earth. I just need a list of parts of country. Starting by greatest one, ending to the smallest one.

There must be a purpose to what you want to do, otherwise, there can be infintely many ways to partition countries or the Earth. There are natural partitions (tectonic plates, geology, climate, basins (watersheds), etc.). There are geo-political partitions (country, province / state, county / parish / district, municipalities, etc.). There are demographic partitions (city centers, boroughs, etc.). There are economic partitions (rich vs poor, resources and main regional industries (e.g., "Silicon Valley"), etc.). There are cultural partitions (the "Western world", the "Islamic world", etc.), language partitions, and so on.. Many of these boundaries coincide, but many also differ significantly (e.g., under some partitions, England and Australia would be very close, under others, they would be worlds apart).

The point is, each partition system serves a particular purpose, and without a purpose, your question is ill-defined. DavidB just gave you one example of a purposeful partition system, which is the postal / zip code system, whose purpose is to dispatch mail effectively (it's essentially a hash-table system, in computer science terms).

If your purpose is knowing what body of government regulate various things where you are, the useful partition is a political / administrative one, like country -> province -> county -> municipality -> borough, so you know where to address your concerns from when the trash is going to be picked up (borough), to trying to get an amendment passed into the constitution (country).

So, what's your purpose?

Canadian system, which uses postal codes like M5B 4W6, etc.

Yeah, it's a weird system. But this is all because we have to accomodate Santa's north-pole address, at postal code H0H 0H0!

Yeah, it's a weird system. But this is all because we have to accomodate Santa's north-pole address, at postal code H0H 0H0!

Rik loses it here

I heard a couple years ago Santa is no longer allowed to say HoHoHo because Ho is synonymous with Hore (prostitute).

Isn't that "Hoe" instead of "H0"?

"Hoe" is the correct spelling for the "immoral pleasure seeker". But it's a contraction of the word "whore", of course.

I have no idea where AD got his "Ho" and "Hore" spellings from... maybe the letter "W" and silent "E" didn't exist in those Ancient times from when that Dragon hatched.

It started by geographical segregation, became a Santa thread and ended on ancient immortal pleasure seekers and whores. And that all within 9 posts :D.

sounds perfectly logical... If anyone has a need to split up the entire globe into managable sections it's Santa after all.

But Santa can still say "HO" when he's talking about toy trains under the tree.

I'm sure they'll soon come up with a politically correct alternative for him...

The problem is not how it's spelled but how it's pronounced. Ho and Hoe are both pronounced the same. Some people have objected to Santa saying that word.

Some people have objected to Santa saying that word.

If expose enough people to something you'll find one who will complain about it no matter what it is. Although often the rumours of theses kinds of things (eg. health and safety gone mad stories) are either exaggerations or based on jokes/satire which get taken out of context.

not really. Sadly the reality behind those stories is often so ludicrous that people think it's a joke when it isn't...