Hey guys,

I just wanted to give a shout out for the McGill Robotics team. This is a team of undergraduate students from different engineering disciplines here at McGill. They are participating to the RoboSub competition right now! They managed to build and code a fully operational, autonomous submarine robot in less than a year, very impressive.

I'm a fan of that team in part because they are the reincarnation of the McGill LunarEx team, which is a robotics team that me and my friend founded back in 2008, and kept going with new students since then, until the Lunar excavation challenge was abandonned in favor of this new and challenging competition. Several of the students in the team have also been working in my lab. I've also been involved, at arms length, with some of their work. I also gave them a crash-course in C++ programming when they were getting started using C++ and ROS for their control software.

If you want to see what robotics is all about, check out the videos on their youtube channel, or check their website. You can also follow their progress live on twitter @McGillRobotics.

Thanks for sharing. Wow, that is pretty cool :).

@mike, are you going to be participating in the event as well?

Wow, looks AMAZING! wish I could attend one of those projects, good job @ mcGill