Well there is always gaming conventions (G3).
Or even just hire out a place, and we all just meet there. Could be cheaper.

I suggested something like that, somewhere where we could all game ,chat, code or whatever we want.

Could you talk more about G3 ??



G3 is the main gaming show of the year. I believe there is one held in London. I don't know if it's invite only, but you certainly need tickets! Which probably cost a lot :P


Why not just organise something in the central UK region (such as London).

Not all the hotels are extortionate in room rates... and some will do fairly priced convention hall bookings... jsut watch out for additional prices for things like using plug sockets (£30+ rental, not including the hourly fee!).

If you scout around and pre-book by 4 Months+, you can get some damn good rates!
I attend martial arts seminars quite often (last year it was 2 a Month)... pick off-season and you are laughing - they are desperate (Desperate I say!) for your money at that time... and hint that this is the first of many... with a regular venue being idle, and you may just find the being incrediably friendly!

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