When I have Adblock Plus enabled, the main body of the posts on DaniWeb doesn't show. When I disable Adblock, they appear. I've searched through my ad-filters for everything relating to "daniweb.com" and removed them, but it still blocks the body of the posts on the site. I've also tried adding "daniweb.com" to my Whitelist, to no avail.

I had a wee peek at the source code for one of the posts, and I noticed that the post entry immediately follows a Google ad section. It looks like this:

<!-- google_ad_section_start --> [MAIN POST BODY]

So, does blocking Google ads also block the posts? Is there a way around this?

Thanks muchly.

It's probably the activx popups within the posts. They take you to definitions of terms.

I wish they would get rid fof those things.

No, it works fine for me. Ive got adblock here and it hides al lthe ads but the rest works fine. Have you got the newest version?

Yeah, it's the latest version. Very strange indeed. I'm thinking maybe one of the filter subscriptions I have is a little "aggressive". I had Filterset G. installed, but then I removed it because I heard it wasn't a very friendly one. I'm not sure if some of the filters were left behind or what. It doesn't appear in the list, anyway.

When check the "Blockable items on current page" in this thread here are the things that show as blocked:


They show as red, everything else is greyed out and presumably unblocked.

It's bizarre!

Cheers for your replies :)

Ive got the newest FF and ABP here and im using the default filter subscription that it asks yo uto add and its ok.