A recent prediction from Gartner states that blogging may soon reach its peak. By the first half of 2007, it says, the number of bloggers will only be around 100 million. Recent data from Technorati shows that although there's 100,000 new blogs online, 200 million bloggers have quit. Additionally, less than 2% of all internet users contribute regularly. Of course, the loss in bloggers at Technorati could also be attributed to the crack down on spam blogs.

The managing vice president of Gartner says, "Selected from across our research areas as the most compelling and critical predictions, the trends and topics they address this year indicate that priorities, markets, cultures, and technologies are all rapidly changing." They believe that IT is rapidly changing, and that many internet trends, such as blogging, will quickly change.

What does this mean for DaniWeb? Lost bloggers, of course. But we would also potentially lose traffic. And this may have a chain reaction to the number of posters. For example, a popular blog entry will draw in thousands of visitors to DaniWeb, which is good publicity. Lack of bloggers will decrease the number of new people joining DaniWeb. That is, if this blogging report is true.

The question: is blogging really a trend, or is it a way of news junkies and journalists simply expressing their thoughts? The first is probably true. A lot of people just "want to blog", post a few entries, and then give up because it's too much work. I have this problem, and I know many other people who do this also. However, the second is also true. People who love news will use blogs to express their thoughts. A website will not work. Websites are for static information. Blogs are for dynamic content. And as long as there is news junkies out there who have an internet connection, there will be no shortage of news opinions.

So, do I really think that DaniWeb is in trouble? Not really. But the report is still interesting.

Blogging, like all things that grow so explosively, will settle down. This is no bad thing, in my opinion, as I believe it will have the effect of increasing the relative quality of the blogs that remain.

Very few people want to read what I ate for breakfast, far more will be interested in reading intelligent analysis of some breaking news story.

I think that blogging is a pass-trough trend, and it will (if not already) reach it's peak and oversaturate the net and remaining blogs will be in smaller numbers than right now, but they will be quality-selected. I also think that daniweb does not rely on blogs, so it can't be jeopardized by the lack of it. I think that 99% of members came to daniweb via google/yahoo/lycos, and the threads and posts are the main member-magnets here.

Just look at the numbers:

Threads : 57,698
Posts : 281,859
Blogs : 88 (!)

But blogs should be an important part of DaniWeb, especially as the community aspect of the site continues to develop. It gives people an outlet to voice their opinions on IT and the breaking news surrounding it in a way that the forums do not.

The fact that we are running blogging competitions with some really rather good prizes on offer demonstrate that The Powers That Be at DaniWeb believe this to be the case.

>The Powers That Be at DaniWeb believe this to be the case.

Of course. You wouldn't just randomly throw around cash because you had too much of it lying around.

...not to say I wouldn't like some :cheesy:

*reading his own comment* Oops! I, kind of, read the title wrong. I thought it said "DaniWeb in trouble" ignoring the "blogs" part.

I still thing that this is trend that will eventually be on the downhill side of the slope, but I don't think that it will die-out completely. I think that the way Dani is managing the blogs here is the way to go. Otherwise they would become just another forum with a different look.