The English are coming...

he's opinionated, he's "dangerously smooth" and it's all happygeek's fault he's here at all. No, the nick does not have anything to do with small chewy american sweets that no other country knows about: No, he didn't pick the nick himself, it was thrust upon him, in the manner of greatness.

Fields of experience: uh, yeah. Stuff. Recumbent bikes. Kites. AMG-Mercedes. Moultons. Macs, Networks, Lotus Notes. So old he pre-dates the Internet and even had the odd thing to do with making happygeek the well-rounded individual you see today. Actually, had many odd things to do, which probably accounts for a picture of his nose appearing in penthouse...

Hates: Religious jihads over operating systems, pigeonholing, cultural imperialism, either American or everyone else's football.

Read him in: PC Pro, which to everyone's surprise is the pre-eminent PC journal in that funny little island to the north of France.

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Welcome Doc.

The man who gave me a printer when mine died, and I didn't have the cash to buy another, so I could finish printing the manuscript for my first book. Although this was about 'comms' as we called online computing stuff in the pre-Internet days, it had to go to the publisher on paper as they didn't have access to email and attachments (well, if they did, nobody there knew how to use it.)

Naturally I repaid him by not returning the printer, not giving him any of the royalties and stalking him ever since...

Seriously though, this guy has forgotten more about networks than I know about them. He will be a seriously useful addition to the community, if you can forgive his brash English manner of course :)


And there I was thinking you were going to refer to the weird goth party where eventually everyone on the dancefloor realised that it was, in fact, a go-kart track during the daytime... but let's not go there.


Ah, but were it not for the printer and the resulting book I wouldn't have had the funds to get into the weird goth parties in the first place :twisted:

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