I am a web developer and designer! In design I mean functional design. I am not much on the graphics side but I have someone who does that for me. But I believe if you are going to be a web developer then you must have a good intellectual capacity to be able to design logical flows and functionality requirements. But hey, that is just my opinion!


I am working as a web developer and I am quite good in my work.
I work in ASP and learning PHP and ASP.net.
I have good knowledge of C++,AJAX, CSS, Javascript, Flash Actionscript.
Also, I know, if I have to design something in photoshop, I can do that.

Its just that if you have a good logical and analytical mind then language is not a barrier.

I enjoy web design, but I also do (and am quite proficient) graphic design work, web marketing, and search engine optimization. I can program the backend of a website too for a variety of uses, so I lean more towards being a web developer.

Web Designers can also be Web developers and a million other things too I am a Web Designer and a Web Developer plus a bunch of other tech and non tech related stuff.

Hello prince,

Can you design a good logo,banner? The reason I ask you this is because I was planning to redesign the header part of my website. But since I'm not a photoshop expert I would just outsource the work.

hello, am a web developer and am good with photoshop, java scripting and software development

I am a web developer and designer too :) and i have very good experience with my clients and projects:)

I am a web developer. but can design a little

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i am a web developer but i focus on flash work and graphics.

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I am a web developer. My favorite language is Java and ZK Ajax framework.
I use Apache as server, ZK in the front end, Java in the business layer and PostgreSQL or MySQL in the database layer.

I work some with it in my spare time.

Hi All ,
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I am a web developer and designer too and i have very good experience with php...

i m web developer but i can work with photoshop, CSS and HTML

I am a SEO consultant but quite comfortable with photoshop, flash, html and css

Neither and both :)

I oversee and work with both our design team and our development team. Understand just enough about both sides of this to effectively oversee and contribute to both sides.

I am Web developer
i m working on php using drupal(CMS)

I can all myself both a web developer and web designer, and thanks for the link to your forum, a great place for web designers

More towards web design, however, I do have some experience in PHP programming.

A web Developer but not an expertise in one technology.
I have developed web applications on ASP.NET, PHP & MySQL and currently i am working on JSP.

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