can anyone help me to find a good text book or pdf or anything else
to become good at graphs in algebra i really have to learn it...i'm stuying IT in this is my first term and i'm very new to computer and mathematics related to it and my exams will start in a month and i missed some of my algebra classes
i will appericiate any help form you guys.


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What computer language and operating system are you using?

You won't get good at Algebra just by reading a particular book; you only get good at it by doing it, and more, and more, and more. By reading several books, doing exercises, and coming at the info from different angles, the pieces will come into place and you will get good at it. But don't expect it to happen overnight.

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YOUTUBE , there is many channels that specificly demonstrate the graphing part in college algebra or algebra in general.

I second ddanbe, Google is the best resource! Not that it's a bad thing to ask questions here at Daniweb but Google is awesome and I'll always ask it first.