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Presently I do my projects with vb.net. I am not familier with Python. I want to learn python. Would you help me to learn python? I know nothing about python and I donot understand where from I will start.

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Started learning it, more than a year ago with reading some books.
Installed Python in Visual Studio.I installed version 3. I find it a bit annoying that there is no complete compatibility with older version 2 versions. You will find alot of Python code on the web, but watch out what version is used. If I find the time I play around with it. I like it, I wish the same for you. Success and happy programming!


To run older Python2 code examples with Python3 usually takes just a few modification. Python3 actually has a program called 2to3.py that will do that for you. Sooner or later it will be mostly Python3. So get version 3 of Python and a good IDE and start coding.

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Ruby skills are not much in demand. My prediction is that Java demand will slowly fizzle and will be replaced by a combination of Python and C++. Python for the speed of development, and C++ for the speed of code and its large libraries. Python and C++ work very well together.

The problem with VB is that it allows students some treatful programming habits and styles.

If you are already spoiled by GUI formbuilders, use PySide/PyQT (a wrapper around C++ based QT) for GUI programs. It includes a formbuilder program called Designer.exe.

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Ruby skills are not much in demand. My prediction is that Java demand will slowly fizzle and will be replaced by a combination of Python and C++

Good point, I agree although my prediction is something like google go will grow in strength, python is still considered too slow, and sometimes hopping between a c++ engine and python front is too fragmented.

Google go offers the inbetween as a compiled language but is elegantly typed to offer the speed of app design we've come to love with python and ruby.

If I'm being totally honest, I think desktop apps will become a novelty as all serious desktop apps like photoshop etc will be written natively anyway, which they are.

Web apps are growing more and more in popularity so desktop apps, even in house ERP apps, will soon take on this form. Also the benefit of having a browser as the front end is that it's cross platform by default and you can build responsive layouts with css that can resize to fit mobile apps.

Well that's my prediction... we'll see.

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I have installed Python-3.4.2 and just start to print a string , concatinate and variable declaration by reading a book on python. But it works like, what we do by calling debug in vb.net to display the result or to check that the codes work correctly or not. I am not understanding, where from I get the IDE in which I can design the GUI. I tried like Import from PYQT4, but its not working. What is PYQT?


@ddanbe: Will you please instruct me how can I add it in my VS2010? I tried but didn't find any clue.


Don't remember exactly, but I guess it was something like this. Don't forget to install the 3.x interpreter

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