I am planning to create a program with some graphical representation of data from SQL database. What language to use to create graphs?

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What language are you currently using and what type of graphs are you looking to create?

There are many libraries out there but it depends on what you are currently using. For example, Microsoft have some graphing libraries for .NET, Google have charting API's which you can embed using Javascript and then there are plenty of Javascript libraries, for example CanvasJs.


I'd recommend sticking with something you know. That way, you don't have to learn a brand-new language from scratch; you can create graphs as quickly and easily as possible. Otherwise, you could probably create graphs with any language, for example, C++, but it would be a major new project.

If you already use Microsoft Excel, why not just import the data to Excel and use some of its graphing capabilities? Or, if you just want a plot of raw data (numbers), you could use a free online tool like Desmos. Otherwise, there are more sophisticated tools available aimed for scientific applications (e.g. Octave, SciLab, etc.)

It all depends what kind of data you are planning to plot, and the type of graph you would like to create.

Thank you djjeavons and DavidB for the detailed and valuable information you have given. I finally have decided what language I will use now. I couldn't actually pick from web-based or software-based this is why I asked the question. I think I am going to go web-based since I am more trained with that field. I'm going after learning HTML5 canvas and javascript, and may try that Google Charts. You all have been ver helpful.

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