i had a simple problem in my program.


my aim is to pickup records from the database by reffering one of the column..
i got this perfectly..
suppose if entered a reference which is not there in my table.i want to print a message on browserside.iam not getting this..how to write logic for printing stmt on browser..

Hmm ... I'm not sure what you're asking. To be pefectly honest, I'm not even sure what programming language you're referring to. You see, you're posting here in the Community Introductions forum, where you can introduce yourself to all of the members of the DaniWeb community. This area isn't meant to be for support questions. You'll get much more feedback by posting this in the appropriate forum related to the language you're using.

Dani, the clue might be in the username :)

But Rakesh, she's right you know: introduce yourself here, and ask for help with your problems in the appropriate forums, and you'll find your time with us a lot more worthwhile I am sure!