I am a 19 year old guy who is yet to get a CS degree from the university. I learned web development on my own from resources online. Mostly from youtube videos precisely from thenewboston and phpacademy and a few text-based tutorials from w3schools.com.

I am good with HTML, HTML5, CSS3. I am also good with procedual and function PHP. But by the way I am very cool with OOP in PHP. I don't know much about JS but I know how to do some few AJAX calls to dynamically query my database and show results in my apps. I am very proficient in SQL statements and using MySQL as my RDBMS. I sometimes use already built JQuery functions to implement sliders and carousels in a few of my projects. I don't know any PHP Framework yet I like building my own and also I have fair knowledge in MVC Frameworks.

My problem is with my skills above can I apply for a junior web developer position. It's like a fear to be intimidated by co-workers that I'm a novice or something like that.

Thanks for your comments.

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I think you can. Every junior developer is a novice, even if they think they are not. Doing projects at home or school is nothing like creating production code for a client under a deadline. I do suggest learning more Javascript and maybe experimenting with a PHP framework. If you want a developer position, expect to use one, either a known one, or built in-house. Knowledge of how one works makes it much easier to learn another one. Not everything needs to be built again, even that's what a developer prefers.

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