Hello ! I want to improve my website. Currently I'm using a circular Logo. Now i want to change that logo to a spinning ball with the logo on it. How can i achieve this.

What software/programm should i use ?

I haven't found any javascript and jquery code that gets the job done. I found an adobe flash cs6 tutorial that would serve me right but that would mean my logo woun't run on apple devices from what i understand.
Are there any html5 plugins or whatever for my idea ? Help !

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The easiest method is to create an animated GIF image. You'll find lots of tools and tutorials online to help you.

The alternative would be to use JavaScript to control the CSS property transform with 'transform.Rotate()' to do the animation, but it won't work on IE 8 and earlier.

okay lots of thx for your help #rtrethewey Does anybody has further tips ?

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DO not use flash. If you have images or an example of what you want, that would help. Check your user stats for IE8- usage. Perhaps transform.rotate could work for you. There aren't any easy shivs / polyfills for rotate AFAIK.

3D in photoshop to create an animated GIF would probably be easiest - I can't think of any other way without using CSS transformations, but to be fair, if your users are still using IE8 than they're already doomed.

Maybe suggest they upgrade, or have a static IE8 fallback alternative?

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