Hello from North Carolina....trying to find a new site to chat and meet friends anyone have any quick info on uploading an avatar?

Hi. Welcome ... in the past, there were some problems uploading custom avatars. Is it not working for you?

thanks for your reply actually it is working and much eaiser than the other boards I chat on. I normally chat on ENC today. but am looking for a "new home" need to sit down and learn a bit more about your board.:cheesy:

Hi new here to but ill say welcome anyway

Hi new here to but ill say welcome anyway

Thanks I'm new here as well. But it's always nice when someone welcomes you....and since your new as well. Welcome to you too!

And a big hello to loupope and mamawdenise from me, welcome to DaniWeb both. May your stay be an enjoyable and informative one.

Thank you Happy hope to be able to get "into" this site soon and find some good moves and some good chats. I'm a chatter not a debater. I'd rather be happy than mad I can argue with ppl I know I want friends on the web sites.