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Why is it necessary to remove reputation points from members?

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I have been tidying up the mess left behind by the troll that was dttp, who has now been perma-banned, and that included deleting the negative reputation left by that account as I felt it wasn't fair on members to be negativelty impacted by the actions of a troll... I appear to have mistakenly removed a postive rep that dttp left for you,for which I apologise, however it would make no practical difference as that reputation (as you can see from all your remaining rep, all from dttp by the way) is worth 0 re points anyway.

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It was a nice experience to be a member here.
When years ago I have had a problem with programming in C++ DW members solved it.
Thank you for all.
I hope that DW will flourish.

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Strange. Cannot delete membership.

Members must be inactive for at least 7 days before their profile can be permanently deleted.

Please do it for me.

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