Hello everyone its been a while, btw this fresh look its freaking awesome i love it! :)
So i got in mind an idea which i want to try it, selling remote controls for tv online. I need an list or something which i can find the TV model number by remote control number.
For example, this is remote control for samsung tv's
But not for all. How can i know for what exact tv models is for?
Sorry for my english i tried to explain best. xD

Thanks and keep it up Dani :))

This will be work but I'll share how I find the maker's remote part number for Samsung. A few ways.

  1. www.samsungparts.com Put in the TV and for many models the remote is in there.
  2. Google it. The full model number which for Samsung is some letters, numbers followed by 4 or 5 letters and then "replacement remote."

There are websites that may have build up such a database but they usually don't share since it's their pot of gold.

Thanks pal i will try it out